Unit Committee(UC)

In any recognized area general members of the locality can form an Unit e.g. Central Committee (NEC), District Committee, UpaZilla Committee, Union Committee, Educational Institution Committee, Any Professional Committee, Any Community Committee, Tribal Committee etc.

Intending person or a group of persons motivated by aims and objectives of BANGLADESH MANOBADHIKAR FOUNDATION (BMF) can initiate their work after contacting NEC who will approve the registration of the Unit.

Approval of a unit may be canceled due to the violation of any article of the constitution, rules and/or inactiveness of respective unit.  

Unit Committee will elect their own committee. It will be accountable to the NEC for it’s all activities in their area. The Committee of the Unit/ Local Group shall be consists of:

The UC Shall be consists of the following

President: 1
Vice- President: 3
General Secretary: 1
Joint Secretary: 3
Organizational Secretary: 1
Treasurer: 1
Publicity & Publication Secretary: 1
Office Secretary: 1
Law affairs Secretary: 1
Social Welfare Secretary: 1
Women affairs Secretary: 1
Sports & Culture affairs Secretary: 1
coordinator: 1
Executive Members: 24

Unit may frame their own bye laws to be confirmed by NEC.

All units shall maintain register as per clause 7.7 and shall present to the National Secretariat an up to date list of members with all particulars relevant to them each year.

Units shall maintain an up to date accounts of income and expenditure and shall forward an activities report and statement of accounts to NEC duly approval by the unit committee once a year and will be accountable to the NEC for it’s all activities and financial transactions.

Unit shall perform their regular activities and join/implement programme(s) entrusted by BANGLADESH MANOBADHIKAR FOUNDATION (BMF).